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best brazilian straight hair would conjointly

best brazilian hair would conjointly mean that you simply have to be compelled to look after it within the best thanks to maintain its lovely and contemporary look.


Washing is that the 1st and most vital method in caring for your Brazilian hair weave, since this is often in a roundabout way hooked up to your scalp, and so cannot get the required nutrients. Before laundry, your hair have to be compelled to be freed from tangles. Use a brush to rigorously and gently comb from very cheap, creating your thanks to the highest slowly. Use a gentle shampoo in laundry each week about, additional ofttimes if you've got been exposed to dirt or engaged in activities that caused you to sweat tons.


A small quantity of conditioner ought to answer in coating the weave and your brazilian hair . It ought to conjointly go while not spoken language that the conditioner ought to be rinsed well. or else, one may use a leave-on conditioner. Applying oils to the weave can weigh it down and would possibly even cause matting; avoid mistreatment it except once it loses shine. Preferably, you must use argan oil, however keep it to a minimum.


Gently brush the tangles out of your hair, supporting it wherever it's hooked up. Use a good tooth brush or a detangling brush whereas solely brushing alittle portion at a time. it's counseled for the weave to dry naturally-that means that no towel drying. Like natural hair, heat will cause the weave to be dry. If you completely should use heated tools, set them to very cheap setting doable. If your weave is adorned or worn in locks, permit longer for it to dry and frequently spray on some anti-bacterial weave spray to kill the microorganism and any unpleasant smell.


Never head to bed whereas your hair is wet as this may cause tangles. Before planning to bed, it's well to wrap your brazilian straight hair with a cloth scarf and place it up. don't tie it too tightly; this is often unhealthy for the weave. The pillow you employ ought to even be coated with a cloth cap or pillow slip.